How We Help

Our Clients and Us

Empowered Living puts the people we support at the centre of what we do. A person led approach to training and our passion and purpose is what drives us.

Empowered Living listen to the things that bother it’s service users; what they want to do and achieve, how they want to live, what works for them and what doesn’t.

Empowered Living…

is about each service user as an individual person, their needs, their goals, dreams, aspirations, family, friends and community

works on ‘why’ each service users acts as they do and ‘how’ those supporting them can respond in a way that works for the service user and meet their needs

gives service users the motivation to engage with others living within their local community leading to the building of strong relationships

uses methods such as education, skill development and communication enabling service users to achieve as much independence as possible

employs Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), creates strategies such as ‘shaping’, ‘chaining’, ‘social stories’ and ‘reinforcement based practices’ to transform service user behaviour and to improve lives

understands the issues that can get in the way of service users achieving their goals, dreams and aspirations and moves mountains to overcome them


Empowered Living will always ensure that service users have what they need to continue to grow and step into a more independent life. Empowered Living select the right methods for each person including…

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Talking and Speech Therapies

Behavioural Programs

Skills Teaching

Buddy Coaching and Support

Pet and Holistic Therapies

and many more

Staying Connected

Empowered Living appreciates that being away from home can be a distressing time, particularly for family and friends.

That’s why we encourage regular visits, but realise this is not always possible. As such, we have introduced a Facebook-based service that helps families stay in touch and view updates and pictures on residents’ progress and any activities they have been involved in. All service users’ accounts are private and can only be viewed by authorised family members.

We also have Skype video-calling, should you wish to see and talk to a service user in real time. Of course residents and families can also keep in touch by phone, with some service users also able to use email on their own computers.

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