Autism Spectrum Disorder


Our team is fully trained at working with all levels of challenging disabilities and we also have a specialist with specific training and education of the Autistic Spectrum Disorder. We are passionate about helping and supporting individuals from all backgrounds wherever they are from in the UK.

We care, and our approach produces significant achievements for everyone. Autism is a spectrum condition and because all those with it share certain difficulties, their personal condition will affect them to differing degrees. Some people can live relatively independent lives but others may need a lifetime of specialist support. Individuals may struggle to understand and relate to others around them so that daily family or social life is challenging.

This inevitably leads to being misunderstood and a feeling of isolation.
Empowered Living can support people to manage their condition giving ongoing access to our services and expertise; focusing on education and behaviour support. We enable the people we serve with ASD to understand their behaviour and create coping strategies. We help them define their skills which allows them to be a part of their community.

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