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Our service users are usually young adults aged 18 or over with learning difficulties and/or visual impairment. Currently, we have a total of 25 service users living across our four homes with an average age of 34, the youngest aged 22 and oldest aged 60.

We offer the opportunity for these individuals to move to the next stage of their lives if they are struggling after finishing school or college, are experiencing changing family circumstances or have reached the point where they are ready to pursue more independent living.
We offer a range of residential options as well as a varied and challenging day programme, making us the community-based accommodation site of choice.

Service users come from all over the United Kingdom and arrive with a range of challenging and unique conditions and difficulties. Profiles of service users Nat and Fiona give an insight into their diverse circumstances, skills and abilities.

What we stand for



The right of the individual to be left alone or undisturbed and free from intrusion or public attention to their affairs where this poses no risk to themselves or to others.


Recognition of each individual as a valued person, recognising their personal needs and treating them with respect at all times.


Opportunities to act and think without reference to others including the opportunity to learn through risk taking.


The opportunity to select independence from a range of understandable options.


The maintenance of all entitlements associated with citizenship.


The realisation of personal aspirations and opportunity to expand abilities in all aspects of daily life.

Our Management Team

Cosmetic Surgeon

Stephanie Wosniack

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Hellen Lowe

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Dental surgeon

Emily Washington

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